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Student Bulletin Page

This page is used to provide student updates for school operations  from the administrative and instructor staff.

Diamonds College Students,

At Diamonds College we are keeping our finger on the pulse of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 developments. We are closely monitoring updates from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) along with guidance from local and U.S. government and public health agencies.

We are not accepting client appointments currently consistent with CDC guidance to protect our community from pandemic risk. Further, we are enabling Distance Learning capabilities so students that can participate in classes continue to work towards the certification training milestones by using our online learning management system.

We are working hard to be able to provide you with great videos, activities and more through your MindTap as we transition to Distance Learning. Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions but please be patient as this is new for all of us. We are fortunate to be using such a great program as MindTap it has so many capabilities. All we ask is that you log into MindTap on your regularly scheduled days no more than 4 hours a day per TDLR. We have adjusted your schedules accordingly. You must stay active on MindTap to have it record time, so please don’t log in and walk away the program will log you out.  MindTap will track your hours and report them directly to Diamonds and we will report them to TDLR. You can use a laptop, tablet or your phone but do NOT use the app. It doesn't track your hours. Make sure you are logging in through a web browser.

Your instructors will be adding content that we see fit to help facilitate your learning. As we use our program and find what works best, we may need to make changes, but we will keep you informed of these changes as soon as they are discussed between the instructors. For now, please just log into MindTap on your regular schedule days and we will be starting with chapter (21, 1). For help with your lesson contact your instructor between 10-2. For help with the MindTap program, email Ms. Brittney.

For students who do not have access to internet services at home please contact us to go through other options that might work for you. Please check back for updates on this web site. You will be notified via SMS text when new updates are posted related to school operations.

Step by Step Instructions for Monday, 3/23


1. Login to the MindTap home page

Username: your username is the email address you originally set up in MindTap

Password: If you don't remember your password you can reset it on the login page

2. Click on MindTap

3. Go to Chapter 21

4. Read and Complete Test

 If you have any questions or need help logging in, please email us at:

As a personal note of encouragement in these worrisome times; stay focused on progress against your personal goals and take on every challenge. At Diamonds College we are committed to help you in every way we can to help you be successful in these endeavors. 

Ever Onward,

Diamonds College Administration



Stay Calm and Wash You Hands!

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