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Diamonds College has been locally owned and operated since 2005.  Our faculty has years of experience as stylists, salon owners, and instructors. We understand the obstacles and have the determination and commitment to provide the highest quality training for your new cosmetology and barber career.

We moved to our new building in 2014 located in the heart of the Texoma Metroplex serving students and clients from North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.  Diamonds College is committed to excellence in cosmetology and barber training. You can count on Diamonds College to provide a quality education that exceeds accreditation standards.


Diamonds College has an excellent reputation as one of the highest quality cosmetology and barber schools in the area.  Our reputation for quality education has made us a leader in producing career cosmetologists and barbers.  Our staff has developed an outstanding curriculum and we have on-going processes to keep us at the cutting edge of the ever changing industry trends and skill developments.


We select only the most skilled and committed instructors and provide them with on going training.  Our instructors are dedicated to guiding students in any way possible.  They believe in the future of the beauty school industry in Texas and our students.


By the time students graduate, they have real-world experience.  Diamonds College provides clients with low-cost services performed by student stylists supervised by licensed instructors.  Students learn how to perform services on real clients, provide excellent customer service, and build their clientele.  Our students also have access to the technical tools they will use when they setup their own businesses.  This includes how to successfully advertise on social media, using smartphones to research new trends and inform their clients, and online appointment scheduling.


Technical skills alone are not enough to ensure success in today’s industry.  At Diamonds College you will learn non-technical skills such as communication, salesmanship, and people skills to prepare for the future.


We are proud of our modern, clean, and engaging facility. Come take a tour!


Diamonds College's goal is to enroll committed students with positive attitudes, who are truly motivated to the development of their professional careers and their cosmetology and craft.


Diamonds College is accredited and eligible to disburse federal financial aid to those who qualify.  We walk you through the application process and make the process simple.


You will learn all the essentials needed for your new career.  Because of the school’s reputation and our commitment to the career success of our past and present students, many area salons owners seek out our graduates specifically.  Diamonds College has a successful high passing rate for the state board examination and offers placement assistance to our graduates.


The mission of Diamonds College is to educate individuals to develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provide leadership and services to their communities.  Through this education, we will prepare each student to be employable in the job market.

We envision that all students will complete their training and will be able to demonstrate the skills necessary to obtain employment and succeed in the career they choose and contribute to their community.

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